So..Rio de Janeiro…continues to be beautiful!?!
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So..Rio de Janeiro…continues to be beautiful!?!

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Rio de Janeiro continues to be beautiful?

What could I say about Rio de Janeiro? I lived there for 25 years of my life … many stories, too many memories. I can say that was different to spend 10 days there as someone who doesn’t live in the city. Many things are not exactly as they were: buses changed directions, and had another bus stop… the subway has a new station and two lines sharing the same track … well, many things have changed and many have remained the same. One of them is the affection I have for the city. <3

Everyone always joked that I was a shoddy “carioca” (a person who born in Rio). And that’s always been true, but still, I like Rio. I often say that if the Rio were in place of Santos (a beach city in São Paulo) I would be in the best of all worlds. LOL

Well…come back to Rio and live there (even just two weeks) after so many years lived in São Paulo, also made me had this sensation that city is really a huge mess. But, still, a nice place to visit, I think is better visiting than live there.

And even after so many years living in the city, I still got to know a new place: The Maze. It’s a hostel + bar/restaurant that is in Favela Tavares Bastos, in Catete. The place is that thing a little off the mark and the price you pay is the view you have. In the day that I was there it was an Indian lunch, but nothing special on the food. LOL

BUT I can’t say the same about the view …:

Well, it was two weeks to enjoy my mother meal (nice), see my old friends (pity that not all) and the rest of my family. =)

A funny story that reminds me my childhood because my dad made the same thing that he did when I was a kid:

Me and Edu was seeing where we could take the yellow fever vaccine and one day my dad and I agreed to go to my grandma’s House and on the way he said he was going to leave something in the clinic with a friend of his (he’s a doctor), then I’m sitting there and he calls me “Come here I want you to meet my friend” … I went and … it was the vaccination room. LOL

But it was perfect! Resolves a huge problem. I love my dad! <3

So, Rio…I don’t know if I’ll see you again, but one way or another I’ll take you with me. =)

Next stop: Ibitipoca!


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