Conceição de Ibitipoca OR #Ibitipocalypse

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Conceição de Ibitipoca or #Ibitipocalypse

Hey, there! =)
English is not my native language, but as I studied for a few years and I desire to spread my stories to more people, here I am writing in English. If you find some very strange error, please let me know. I always want to learn and improve myself.

We left the Rio de Janeiro and goes to Ibitipoca, Minas Gerais’s state. The place is known for the famous Janela do Céu (Sky window in a free translation). If you Google it, you’ll fall in love with the images. For me, the passion was limited to Google itself … and you will understand why.

First of all, let’s talk about the trip up there. First we went to Juiz de Fora for there can get in Ibitipoca. For this, we took a bus trip to Lima Duarte (the city has the same name of a Brazilian famous actor). The trip is short, some 3:00 and we arrived in Lima Duarte. In Lima Duarte, we took a bus that would take us to Ibitipoca … that if it wasn’t for the rain that accompanied us since Juiz de Fora…LOL

As the road to Ibitipoca It was not paved, with the rain that was muddy and the bus had no way up the final stretch. But luckily the hostel got seek us, otherwise would be 7 km walk. o.O

And so we arrived in Ibitipoca. We stayed at Pousada Canela de Ema a nice Inn with two twin sisters as owners. We were going to stay 3 nights there, but the rain hasn’t left. Since Lima Duarte just rained. And it didn’t a “soft” rain. There we found out in January is the month for more rain, which in the last 2, 3 years was no longer raining in January … it seems that St. Peter waited we get to make rain all had not rained before. LOL

We know the village center where there’s restaurants, bars etc. We tasted a local beer. And that’s all. We can’t make any ride and end up shortening the stay there because it had nothing to do with rain. So, if you intend to meet Ibitipoca (and all people says “Janela do céu” is really beautiful) DON’T GO in January.

Here’s the center of the village:

Center of Ibitipoca in Minas Gerais

So, we just have one thing to do: drink to forget! LOL

Beber pra esquecer. #ibitipocalipse #ibitipocablues #DivaDeMochila

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Next Stop: Ouro Preto.

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