Belo Horizonte is “bão demais”. Discover why!

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Belo Horizonte is a cute-nice-city!

Belo Horizonte is a very nice city, located in Brazilian’s southeast, and is the capital of the state Minas Gerais. It’s organized and clean. A big city, with inner city climate. =)

I still did not know the city and my first impression was very good. We arrived by bus – after all on this world tour I don’t fly -, and we left the bus station by taxi, because we were a little tired and wanted to get home and rest.

Taxi isn’t expensive, but if you prefer, there’s buses that could serve you. 😉

Where to stay in Belo Horizonte

I couldn’t find a super cheap good Airbnb (under budget I was in mind), with a super cool mood. It was a discovery. It’s close of “Praça Liberdade” and has everything you need just around the corner.

The idea was to stay a few days in BH because we had some work to finish and because we can go from there to Congonhas do Campos – a city with amazing pieces of a famous Brazilian sculpture – and Inhotim – the biggest Open Air Museum in the hole America. So that’s what we did. And it was great. Had market near so eating at home was feasible and I managed to make two dishes pro Cooking Miles, my other blog that is just travel Cookbook. If you want to just access

So that’s what we did. And it was great.

There was a supermarket near where we were staying, so eating at home was feasible and I managed to make two dishes for Diva na Cozinha (Diva in the Kitchen), my recipe book project of the trip, but that I’m not released yet … because I will have to add some cool recipes before, right ?! So, stay tuned.

What to do in Belo Horizonte

BH (Belo Horizonte) is a city with something that interests me a lot: architecture! After all, it can be said that it was a pre-test for Brasilia, the Brazilian capital. So, it is the first city in Brazil with important references of modern architecture.

If you like architecture, you probably hear about Oscar Niemeyer. So, one of the things that was already on my list was to know the Airport and the Architectural Complex of Pampulha, created by Niemeyer.

And that’s where we started in BH. We took a bus and got off where we thought it would be closer to the airport. But it was not that close … Lol We walked a lot there, but that’s okay.

The Pampulha’s Airport is one of the oldest airports in Brazil and was built in 1954. Small in size, if purchased at the current large airports, it was used for many years until the CONFINS was opened that absorbed most of the flights in Minas Gerais.


The Architectural Complex of Pampulha

Architectural Complex in Pampulha

The Pampulha Architectural Complex was built by Oscar Niemeyer at the behest of the President Juscelino Kibitschek and consists of five important buildings: Church, Art Museum, Dance House, Yacht Tennis Club and Kubitschek House.

Since 2016 the place is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We walk the whole complex, end to end. The day started beautiful, but then the clouds were gathering. But we were lucky because the rain only reached us at the end of the day, when we were leaving the Kubitschek House.

In the end, we walked over 10Km, but it was worth it. It was a good tour and it’s something I advise doing in BH, even those who are not so fissured in architecture and urbanism.


Belo Horizonte is a nice and quiet city. I liked it right away and would go easy to explore a bit more. Who knows in the future, right? =)

Next stop: Inhotim.

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