Things to do in Mexico City and why I love there

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Mexico City: why should you visit?

It is common to hear someone say: “Such a city is my city in the world.” It’s usually New York or somewhere in Europe… Lol

Not that NY and Europe do not have great chances to charm me, but the first city I can say: This is my favorite city in the world, it’s Mexico City or CDMX for the intimate. And I already feel intimate.

I fell in love with all the cities that we’re going through, even the most “complicated” ones, always have something that marks me. But passion is fleeting, right? And my relationship with Mexico City is love … and at first sight.

And love is for life. (Lol) Want to find out why I’m so in love with the capital of Mexico and why should you visit there too? Continue reading the post. 😉

It is easy to get around and the cosmopolitan climate is charming

We arrived by bus from Puebla. The trip was quick, 1h30. There are several bus stations in Mexico City and it is good to be careful to see which one is best to reach. In our case, we arrived at the Northern Bus Station.

Inside the bus station, there was already a subway station. Before leaving Puebla, we saw more or less where were the Airbnb we closed and the nearest subway station to there.

And that’s how we got there. And that’s how CDMX won me… The subway is not pretty. The wagons are narrow and the stations are not very modern, but it works! And it works very well.

They have a system that works by icons and it is very easy to find where to go. Look how nice:

Ícones do Metrô da Cidade do México
It’s Cute, Isn’t?! <3

Also, it looks like board game icons. I found it very entertaining as well as being very easy to understand. And as the subway there has a gigantic rail network, it helps a lot. Really!

CDMX is a busy city with movement from Monday to Monday and much, much to offer. It has a lot of things to do in Mexico City.

And I confess I was missing this excitement. I left Rio de Janeiro (a beach city in Brazil) and moved to São Paulo (a city similar NY, also in Brazil). So you realize that I’m a more cosmopolitan person, right? And the city does not disappoint in this matter.

So, get ready for this post is going to be long, but for sure there will be little to talk about everything the city has to offer. <3

It’s very easy to stay in good, and cheap, places in Mexico City

We stayed in three different places, 1 was a hotel and 2 were an Airbnbs. All three had great locations.

When we arrived we stayed in an Airbnb located in Rome neighborhood, a nice part of the city very close to an avenue with many restaurants and bars. We arrived by subway and it was very easy to find the place.

A small but functional apartment. The nearest market was not so close, but nothing you could not walking through nice streets and beautiful squares.

In this Airbnb we stayed 7 days. We decided to stay longer and we left for an other Airbnb, which was also in Colônia Roma (Rome neighborhood), but elsewhere.

It was also well located. We did everything we needed on foot or by subway. We stayed there for 6 days. Only the shower was not very good and had no curtain in the room nor in the room.

So, little privacy and early sun beating on the bed. The advantage is to be cheaper, for those who will just use to sleep and eat breakfast, it works well.

After that we needed to stay for a while and decided to extend two more days in the city and went to a Hotel next to Plaza Revolución. Great hotel, great location.

Who wants to have less work and goes on vacation, the hotel is much more practical, with a great location, and has breakfast included. It is very close to famous sights.

If you are excited to live like a local, the first Airbnb is very cool and for a very interesting value for two people. If the money is tight the second Airbnb is still a good option.

Everything will depend on what you intend to do in the Mexico City, but in terms of location, the three are good options. 😉

There is plenty to do, to see and to eat

Well, things are really serious now. There’s a lot to do in Mexico City and I left there with the feeling that there was so much more to be seen than what I saw.

Cultural life is very cool, so there are many museums. In addition there is an incredible park that is next to one of the most incredible avenues of all the countries of America: the Paseo de La Reforma.

It has the famous Frida Khalo Museum, there’s the Condessa neighborhood with its cafes and bars, has Teotihuacan – the ruins of the Aztec city -, the Anahuacali Museum, which few know and this should change, the Palacio Bellas Artes, etc.

Wow, as you could see, there’s a lot things to see and do in Mexico City.

In addition to all this, there is still the Zócalo, one of the largest squares in the Americas that is surrounded by unbelievable buildings!

If I write everything in one post, it will become gigantic, so I’m going to make separate posts about all these cool thigs that you should know about.

Besides, you eat very well there. Just like across the hole country, but a few things I’ve only been experiencing even at CDMX. Only the gastronomic part yields another post.

Besides, you eat very well there. Just like across the country, but a few things I’ve only been experiencing even at CDMX. Only the gastronomic part will yield another post.

Keep an eye on the blog that all will come out this week. But, for you to have a little glimpse, take a look:

The “defeño” is sensational

Before the city was Federal District – Distrito Federal (DF) – who was born there was called a defeño. However, some time ago Mexico City ceased to be DF and became an independent city.

Well. Edu, With whom I am married, worked for an PR consultancy and traveled extensively to Mexico City years ago. Hence he has a friend who lives in Mexico City and we met twice. This is the second most good Mexican I met on the trip.

He took us to know a neighborhood not frequented by tourists who are not from the country and another time we had lunch in a cool cool place. He told great stories and we laughed a lot. Great guy, great “defeño”.

And then, one night when we were coming back from a walk, Edu stopped to smoke on the sidewalk of Avenida Juárez and a guy was walking with his dog. It was a Jack Russel, the Mask’s dog, you know?

We started a conversation about the dog, who calls Jagger, and when we noticed, we had been chatting for more than 1 hour on the street with him. (Hello, Carlos!). He’s a journalist and he’s been working with music for years, so the talk obviously paid off.

In the end, Edu won a Carlos jacket, this is the third most good Mexican of the trip.

Remembering that the classification is only in the order in which I met people. If it was to rank for camaraderie, everyone is on the same level! =)

Well, Carlos was wearing a jacket (chamarra in spanish) with the shield of Mexico’s soccer team and Edu praised it. In the end Carlos took off his coat and gave it to Edu.

How not to fall in love with this people who are so coole and receptive?!?

The contrasts

Mexico City is modern and bustling city, while it has a “rustic” side.

There is a book by Jack Kerouac that Edu likes, the author best known for “On The Road.” Well, he wrote a book called “Tristesa” that tells the story of when he lived there and fell in love with a prostitute

At one point in the book he goes with her to get drugs in a dangerous part of the city and back from there, waliking, to another place where he was staying.

So Edu’s idea was to remake Kerouac’s footsteps that day, leaving from Tepito and going to Condessa

So the question is, Tepito is America’s biggest street fair, it’s blocks and blocks and tents that sell everything from clothing and makeup to food and medicine. And then, with a 2-hour walk, you came to one of the city’s noble neighborhoods.

The fair comes from many years ago and functioned as a center of trade between the ancient civilizations of the country (aztecas, olmecas and mayans) .

We ended up doing our mini-documentary and it was really cool, if you want to see, just give the play down here.

I tried to be as succinct as possible in this post, if I don’t control myself I’ll write until next year about Mexico City. I’ll drop other more specific posts about what to do in Mexico City and with useful information, so keep an eye out for the next few days.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I’ll respond with great pleasure.

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