About the Diva

25 years lived in Rio, 6 years in São Paulo and suddenly life leave the beaten … and it was the best way to find my way. Now I can go anywhere.

My story isn’t full of twists, but it has some very interesting turn points. When I was in College (in Rio de Janeiro ), I earned the nickname “Radical Chic“. It’s a Brazilian cartoon from 80’s/90’s created by Miguel Paiva and tells a story of a real modern and independent woman. Like Samantha in “Sex and The City” but much funnier! And oddly enough this nickname followed me to Sao Paulo, people who didn’t know me in college and didn’t know each other talked about the same thing: You look like that character

A college roommate said if I was a fictional character, would be some of Nelson Rodrigues, exaggerating a bit. He was a journalist and writer that talks about “real life”, but sometimes he was considered vulgar because…well, he writes about sex and others controversial things. So… Another friend said I looked like the character of (500) Days of Summer, in the case Summer itself.

Anyway, each person with a different vision, because it is normal that we adapt to the spaces and times … some aspects of our friends know the family doesn’t know and vice versa. But in general, when I started counting the trip to people who know me, they all said: That’s what you’ve always wanted to do! And here I am. Married (something that I never thought would happen) and traveling the world.

The idea of the trip was something that was already planned by Edu for a long time, I’ve always had the will, but let be taken by day to day, the bills (and several others things) who always pushed the trip planning further ahead. And suddenly life (this wunderful b*tch) came up with this flurry of news at the same time and put me against the wall. To update my friends more easily I made a list:

  1. I Divorced 
  2. I lost my job
  3. I married
  4. I’m going to travel the world at the end of the year (2015)

And it helped a lot this overview…LOL And all this happened (basically) in a single week. The resolutions at least … I didn’t marry someone who knew just a week ago…right?

So, Edu made the invitation: Come with me!  And I did my invitation for him … and here we are.

And the trip is like this: by bus, train, ship… airplane where there isn’t another way. The idea is to take advantage of the road, knowing the places, see the landscape change … and it’s been great as well. We started in December 2015 and we don’t have a date to end.

This blog came up to keep friends and family informed about the trip and as a journal for me because I will enjoy reviewing what happened at the beginning.

The blog name came from a joke that Edu was doing. He saying he had no idea how a Diva as I travel the world backpacking… And he talked about that to e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. That much he got..catchy me. And I think it suits very well. =)

If you get here, feel free to comment, criticize and suggest. I’m open to any positive chat to improve that journal of journey.

So, here we go! 😉


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