The most played songs in Latin America

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The most played songs in Latin America that you don’t know … until now!

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English is not my native language, but as I studied for a few years and I desire to spread my stories to more people, here I am writing in English. If you find some very strange error, please let me know. I always want to learn and improve.

Traveling through America is listening to the same songs two hundred thousand times! There is a lot of Latin songs that we have no idea that they are the biggest success for this world that is Latin America, just as in the north-northeast of Brazil there are songs that nobody listens to, only millions.

You know, it’s funny to think of “Latin America” because these are songs that we don’t hear in Brazil, we don’t speak Spanish … and in the end, there is a lot of cultural difference between each country. But this is not the subject of the post, if you want here has a good text on this issue of what is Latin America.

And not necessarily these songs are bright new. Some I’ve seen are from 2014, but the guys still listen. They listen till the cows come home! LOL

I must say that I didn’t hear any song in English at those places. Apart from a fews bar here and there, everything else plays the Latin rhythm. Latin pop, reggaeton etc. Those chatchy songs that kept playing (over and over) in my head until now!!

After we passed from Panama, I no longer heard these pearls os wisdom. But I’ve already created my playlist on Diva’s Youtube to listen to it from time to time, and to remember the moments lived. And of course I’m listening right now while Edu listens to the Palmeiras (a brazilian football team) game. LOL

Without further ado, we’ll see the list of the most played songs in Latin America. There’s since Enrique Iglesias, until Shakira and guys that had never heard before. So…put the headset, pump up the volume and get ready to DANCE !!! \o/

La Bicicleta – Carlos Vives feat. Shakira

Carlos Vives is a well-established Colombian singer. He’s like a Latin Michael Bolton…if you know what I means…LOL

So, this song played like 57800 times a day in Cartagena. And in the every corners of the country too. The lyrics are very simple. It’s Shakira and Carlos talking about the past, they are cool on their bikes, who like to play ball and then Shakira says that if Piqué (her husband) meets Tyrona (the Park where it has beautiful beaches) will never want to go back to Barcelona .

Hey, Piqué…that isn’t nice didn’t know the city of your wife!! :p

Well, music is a great ode to Barranquilla and the whole lifestyle of the city. Check it out:

Vente Pa’ Ca – Ricky Martin ft. Maluma

I’m always happy when I realize that I understand what they’re saying in the songs. And if Ricky Martin says “come here” I will! Right?! Even though I know I’m not his “target audience”! LOL

The rest of the song is something in the sexy and dancing line. Like, if you want to take a shower and you want me to dry … those things. The clip is colorful and has the musician Ricky is at his greatest. I love this guy! <3


Daddy Yankee – Shaky Shaky

This one is kind of boring. Listening once is ok, but I listened everywhere. The chorus is total carchy because the guy just says “Shaky, shaky, shaky” …. and then he says “turns again”. And later on he says “earthquake …. eeeeeeeearthquake! It’s hard” … LOL

So I looked on Youtube (with this letter it was easy to find) and I saw that the clip is stuffed with hot women doing the shaky-shaky dance.

When I was having dinner at a street restaurant in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, there was a couple with their kids and their oldest son must have been about six years old. He put this song on his cell phone and went dancing. The boy was full of rhythm! I thought it was sensational.

Give the play if you want to learn the dance steps, it could be usefull if you go have fun in Latin ballads:

Duele el Corazon – Enrique Iglesias ft. Wisin

Another singer that I thought was missing and only made appearances in American series (like Two and a Half Man), but in fact is blasting around, it’s Enrique Iglesias. He has not only one, but TWO songs among the most played in Latin America! I must say that this top hits here is not based on Crowley (an indication of the music market that says how many times a song has been played on the radio) but rather on the number of repeated and repeated times I have heard these songs during the travel! 😉

I have a gift, and a curse: if I listen to a song more than once … I memorize it! Oh really. Very serious. My advantage is that in this case I didn’t understand the whole letter and I decorated just the melody, but the passages that I understood (and those that I looked for in Google to increased my spanish) I know the songs until today. LOL

So, this one the chorus is the “best” part:

Si te vas yo también me voy 
Si me das yo también te doy 
Mi amor 
Bailamos hasta las diez 
Hasta que duelan los pies

Is kind of:

If you will, I will go too
If you give to me, I’ll give to you too
My love 
We dances ultil 22PM
Until our feet got tired

I thought a very abusive relationship, that’s what I’m going to do something if you go too and I only give you love if you give it to me too! So I searched for the whole letter and the big question is that he’s singing to a woman and says that it doesn’t matter if she sleeps with another man because he knows she dreams with him (Enrique, the mistress).

But she has to decide now if she stays or go with him. And if she doesn’t decide, forget it! That the other one makes her heart tired and with him (Enrique) only her feet will hurt (because they dance till late, as the chorus says).

So…come list to the song and stick it on your mind too:

Bailando – Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona

Isn’i for nowadys that Enrique likes to dance. This song is from 2014, but it still plays everywhere. Actually for a while I even thought this one and the one from the top were the same. Dancing, get feet tired…you know how it is. LOL

In thos song he talks that he want to live with her, close to her, desire to dance with her…have a really crazy night with her!!! That it’s just her look at him that he goes to another dimension. And all those phrases that pop-sexy-latin music have.

I just wanted to understand how this man manages to stay young forever. It’s like wine, it looks like it’s getting better with age …. oh my. <3

  Chantaje – Shakira ft. Maluma

And not just Enrique Iglesias that appears with two top hists around here. Shakira too! Although in fact the other song belongs to Carlos Vives and she only participated. In this one the music is of herself. There are 869,234,699 views on Youtube and many minutes of Shakira rubbing in our face that at 40 she is soooo better than us at 30! At least than me…LOL

By the way, she’s 10 years older than Piqué. I want to be like her when I gorw up. \o/

In the song the guy is saying he heard that she doesn’t want him anymore, but he is crazy about her … she says that’s not really true and he concludes that he is a masochist himself and she knows how to handle him very well with her hips. Guys, like the way she dances even I’m hypnotized! And the chorus is this, he saying she’s pure blackmailer (Chantaje is blackmail in spanish)! #GirlPower

Meluma is smart guy. He recorded music with only beautiful people and Latin pop icon. He recorded with Thalía. And recorded with Anitta (a brazilian pop singer) as well. Well, let’s see what he recorded with Shakira. Play the song and try not to be seduced by Shakira’s hips:

Vacaciones – Wisin

This is the guy who plays in Enrique Iglesias’s “Duele el Corazon”. This song is “great”! LOL I found it super fun. He talks a lot fast, but after listening to 817979876513 times I can understand better.

This is the song that represents all of us on that Friday night! “I don’t need a vacation, I don’t need a headache, I just need my friends and a drink of beer, I don’t need a vacation, I don’t need a headache, I just want to know if there’s a party tonight. “

He starts the song telling us he waked up with two beautiful brunettes and a lot of empty bottles. Like “The Hangover” movie.. He says that to keep working, he needs to keep celebrating to have a better life. That today was crazy and tomorrow is another adventure.

If I can ask a favor for you it is: spread this song around the world! Everyone deserves to sing:

Yo no necesito vacaciones, ni dolores de cabeza 
Solo me basta mis amigos y un traguito de cerveza 
Yo no necesito vacaciones, ni dolores de cabeza 
Solo quiero que me avisen si esta noche hay una fiesta

Of course, in the clip there’s a lot of women in minimal bathing suits, asses (lots of asses here and there), and boastings in houses, boats and everything. By the way, he says he needs friends, but there’s only one man in the clip: HIM! It appears one guy or another by seconds and the rest is only woman.

Otra Vez – Zion & Lennox Ft. J Balvin

To close, a song that is a mix of everything you’ve heard so far. The clip was recorded on some of the Cartagena’s beach and what I like most is J Balvin saying some “mamacitas” in the middle of the song …  And sensualizing with his hair!

The lyric is a guy asking to a wamam why she wants to seduce him again and make his world turn upside down. But in the end they “stay together” in the same night club and it all goes well! LOL

So, did you like this top hits? Those were the ones I overheard. For you to have an idea, if you to do a ranking by views on Youtube would look like this:

  • Bailando: 1.965.374.395 Views. Released on 04/11/2014
  • Shaky Shaky: 909.822.741 Views. Released on 07/14/2016
  • Chantaje: 869.537.020 Views. Released on 11/18/2016
  • Bicicleta: 806.552.433 Views. Released on 07/08/2016
  • Vente Pa’ Ca: 653.428.100 Views. Released on 03/22/2016
  • Duele el Corazon: 586.675.885 Views. Released on 05/13/2016
  • Otra Vez: 539.527.619 Views. Released on 08/05/2016
  • Vacaciones: 58.963.795 Views. Released on 11/14/2016


There is a song that I got to listen a bit through the streets before arriving in Mexico. But even less than the others. Maybe because it was released in January 2017 and has not yet had time to “catch”:

Well, I won’t say that I hope this post has been useful to you! But I hope it was fun. 🙂 The people in Latin America are very “musical” and I think it’s great.

Feel free to share the post by social networks. Let’s spread catchy music by this world! LOL

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